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Game audio and music for indie games - Rudy's Basement

Game audio and music for indie games

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Are you in need of game audio?

If you are an independent gamedev studio but can’t afford game audio for your games we are here to help!!

Me and my band mate Fredrik are offering our services for you.

Fredrik has a background in the classic music scene as an opera singer and I have been playing drums for decades.


Together we have the combine skills to take any musical challenge and arrangement, from classical to heavy metal.

We have many years of experience touring and recording so we know what it takes to get the best out of us.

I have studied music production and percussion at MI (musicians institute L.A.).

We have the combine skills in various instruments and have an access to a large sound library to help us get what you need.

Like I mentioned before , we can cover a wide range of music genre, from classic to heavy metal and everything in between.

From my home studio I’m able to work undisturbed, focused to give the best quality game audio.


You can check our work as a band on Youtube or Spotify under the name Midnight Caine or House of Caine.

You can check out my music page :

We are not looking for large financial gains, just to get our work out there.

So, you get quality game audio and we get the exposure, it’s a win-win deal for all parts :D.

Samples of our other works can be arranged by request.

We are looking forward to hear from you.

You can mail me or leave a comment.

Kind regards




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