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Day 5 - Adding player movement part 2 - Rudy's Basement

Day 5 – Adding player movement part 2


Still working on the player behavior, haven’t had much time to finish it but soon.

To another thing, I’ve been searching for podcast to listen to when I go to work every day.

I found a podcast “The gaming careers podcast”, the host Stephen Ruduski interviews a lot of people in the industry and thanks to that I gather a lot of info on different tools and mindset that you must to have in order to get ahead as a game developer.

The podcast started somewhere back in 2014 and as it seems ended in July 2017.

I’m on episode 8 of 86 and it has been very insightful, I wonder why he stopped producing them.

But I really recommend you to check it out.

Well back to the game, I’ve had some issues with the book. Since the book came out there are been some changes in the layout and how you do things in the ui. No big issues but you have to have that in mind.


End day 5


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