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Day 3 - The first game in the book: 2D Twin-stick Shooter. - Rudy's Basement

Day 3 – The first game in the book: 2D Twin-stick Shooter.

The first game in the book is a classic shoot’em up game. The game is not that complex but the purpose of it is to getting you started and familiarize yourself with the unity user interface.

I have already installed unity so I skipped that proses now I’m moving on step by step as the book recommended.

The objectives for this exercise are:

  1. Setting up the project
  2. Creating the scene
  3. Adding player movement
  4. Adding shooting functionality
  5. Creating enemies
  6. Adding GameController to spawn enemy waves
  7. Particle systems
  8. Adding audio
  9. Adding points, score, and wave numbers
  10. Publishing the game

The last point I’m going to do on this site, hopefully by then I have some visitors on this site :).

Well today I only did the first 2 points not much to see yet ….. but in the future, I will post some screenshots.

End day 3


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