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Day 17 – GUIs Part 2 – Clicker Game - Rudy's Basement

Day 17 – GUIs Part 2 – Clicker Game


The Clicker Game is the second part of the book addressing uinitys ability to create complex GUIs with the minimum effort.

The chapter objectives were:

  • Starting our project.
  • Recording clicks.
  • Creating a shop.
  • Purchasing upgrades.

The is not much to talk about you click the button and you get points, the game has also a shopping menu so you can enhance your clicking ability … whatever that is.


You can test it here:

This Is milestone for me, since I never got this far in this book.

I will now change the format of the blog, from now on I will post as soon I finish a chapter instead of trying to do an everyday thing. Mostly because it’s summer and is to hot :D.

With that said I made it an incentive to if I finish the book I will purchase the pro version of unity.

So, I’m very eager to get trough the book, during the time I have working with it a lot of ideas of games are bubbling up and I can’t wait to start working with them.

But I need the training, and that comes in the form of this book, I figured if I go through it I will have the skills I need to complete my own projects.

Well at least I have the basics, they say it takes 2 years or 10000 hours to master some craft or at least get comfortable using the tools. And it is an everyday thing cultivating that skill.


See you in the next chapter.


End Day 17


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