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Day 1- Getting started and organized! - Rudy's Basement

Day 1- Getting started and organized!

Game development blueprint

Well, first things first. To get anywhere I need to get organized.

I don’t know what the game is going to be about yet….. but in the meantime, I need to learn how to use certain tools to help me get there.

I studied game development but mostly the theory, I have a degree in computer science and I been programming about 12 years. The last five years I been working as a freelance developer.

I been working mostly with c# and .net in various projects, but I know a little c++ and java and other languages.

Considering my skill, it should be fairly easy to get started. I have decided that for this project I’m going to use Unity 3d (free version), and blender 3d for modelling that is also free and open source.

So, I have a book that it been on my shelf for a very long time, it’s about game development in Unity and as I’d said I’m going to get through it and do all the exercises.

I guess it will give me a very good start and get me to the skill level I need to start developing games on my own.

I’ve been working a bit with blender , but I’m still in the beginner level so I will try to work up my skills in that as well.

But the most important tool is patience. I need to get into the right mindset to really free the time.

That means no more unnecessary tv time , and planning ahead. Don’t procrastinate and stick to the plan.

I’m really to start low, an hour a day it’s not that much but for me a family-man with a full time job it’s not that easy.

Well ….this is what I did the first day, I’m looking forward to this journey and see where I land in the future.

End day one….


book: ISBN 9781785883118


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