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Chapter 4 - Mobile Endless Game – Procedural Content - Rudy's Basement

Chapter 4 – Mobile Endless Game – Procedural Content


Mobile endless game is the forth chapter in this book and is actually a flappy bird clone.

The objectives of this chapter are:

  • Adding the background.
  • Adding a simple animated character.
  • Making a repeating background.
  • Working with sorting layers.
  • Creating our player’s behavior.
  • Creating obstacles.
  • Spawning obstacles at runtime.
  • Game starting and ending behaviors.
  • Keeping the score.


In this chapter we go through how to create a game using the parallax effect this create a continues scrolling that seams endless. We create the obstacles dynamically and randomly.

This is by far the most fun game to play so far, unfraternally there is no sound effects or music but it doesn’t matter It is still addictive.

I probably go back to fix that after I finish the whole book. But in the meantime, I will leave it like it is.

This is the new format, I will be posting after I finish a chapter. There are 11 chapters so I have to a lot to work to do.

You can try it  out here:

See you next time.



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