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juli 2018 - Rudy's Basement

Chapter 4 – Mobile Endless Game – Procedural Content


Mobile endless game is the forth chapter in this book and is actually a flappy bird clone. The objectives of this chapter are: Adding the background. Adding a simple animated character. Making a repeating background. Working with sorting layers. Creating our player’s behavior. Creating obstacles. Spawning obstacles at runtime. Game starting and ending behaviors. Keeping … Continue reading "Chapter 4 – Mobile Endless Game – Procedural Content"

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Day 17 – GUIs Part 2 – Clicker Game


The Clicker Game is the second part of the book addressing uinitys ability to create complex GUIs with the minimum effort. The chapter objectives were: Starting our project. Recording clicks. Creating a shop. Purchasing upgrades. The is not much to talk about you click the button and you get points, the game has also a … Continue reading "Day 17 – GUIs Part 2 – Clicker Game"

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